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About InsigniQ

InsigniQ builds intelligent credit models using state of the art technology that adds new dimensions to calculations. Whether it's finding the credit score of an individual or capital risk of borrower's company or document related fraud, our solutions use attributes, case studies and data points from a multitude of sources to create an activity graph of an entity.

InsigniQ comes from industry veterans and startup advisors with a combined experience of more than 15 years. More than innovators, we are problem solvers, observers who enjoy a good challenge. Join us in our journey which has started with fixing how we profile an individual and watch our growth as we disrupt the lending culture and then advance to revolutionise risk management in Finance field.

Our Services

Credit Scoring

Our Credit Scoring algorithm uses advanced scoring techniques based on 1000+ attributes. Highly effective for consumers with no credit data.


Industry standard Analytics engine with services like - Backtesting, scenario analysis, loan simulation tools for lenders.

Default Prediction

Our Default Prediction Engine can identify defaults with 97.8% accuracy. Diverse tools to view losses at any given point of the loan period.

Fraud Detection

Identify document related, identity related and credit related frauds. Differentiate between wilful and situational defaulters.

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